2014 Garden – Update 1

The weather is still quite funky. The temps where down to the teens for a high on March 1st. Then we got 5+ more inches of snow. What a start to March! 🙂

I have been busy. Both with my day job, and with the garden. This has made me quite lax in writing, however, sleep comes before writing. These garden update posts will focus on the actual planting, growing, and harvesting that goes on for the garden. So, without further adieu, on to the update…!

I sowed the first seeds over the weekend of the 22nd of February. These are all indoor starts, and are growing on the grow shelf I built. So far I have planted:

Cabbage Cauliflower Celery
Mammoth Red Rock Purple of Sicily Giant Red Re-Selection
Glory of Enkhuizen Snowball Self-Blanching Utah Tall
Herbs Peas Flowers
Chamomile Désirée Dwarf Blauwschokkers Petite Mix Marigold
Crown Jewels Chia Golden Sweet Snow
White Horehound Little Marvel Garden
Korean Hyssop Oregon Sugar Pod II
Oregano Vulgare
Summer Savory
Toothache Plant
Lemon Balm
Broad Leaf Sage
Hot Peppers Sweet Peppers Tomatoes
Black Hungarian Corno Di Toro Giallo Black Krim
Cayenne Long Thin Golden Cal Wonder Blue Berries
Chinese Five Color Golden Marconi Blush
India Jwala Peperone Di Cuneo Pink Brandywine
Leutschauer Paprika Quadrato D’Asti Rosso Chadwick Cherry
Mustard Habanero Gypsy
Purple Jalapeno Ivory Pear
Martino’s Roma
Michael Pollan
Orange Icicle
Tasmanian Blushing

Phew! No wonder I haven’t had much time to write! 🙂 If you  look at some of those beautiful plants, you will see that I am going to, hopefully, grow a very colorful garden this year. But, I digress..

I have found that nurturing plants from seeds is enjoyable. I tend to think of them as my babies, and right now they need extra tender care and careful monitoring. Unsurprisingly, the cabbages and cauliflowers where the first to germinate. These plants do quite well in cooler temperatures, and as I said in an earlier post, the basement is on the cool side. Interestingly, only the Mammoth Red Rock cabbage has germinated. The Glory of Enkhuizen hasn’t. I find that odd, but I am still monitoring the situation.

Cabbage and Cauliflower Germinating 2-26-2014

(this shows the Mammoth Red Rock Cabbage in the foreground and the Purple of Sicily Cauliflower in the back) Cauliflower Germinating 2-26-2014

These guys popped up on the 26th, and I was glad to see them. It was a bit of a relief to see those green little nubs poking above the soil. It let me        know I was doing something right.

 The peas began pushing themselves through next. Peas and some of the herbs (although I only took pictures of the peas). 

Peas Germinating 2-28-2014Peas Germinating2 2-28-2014 All of the varieties of peas I planted started to come up at all about the same time, about the 27th of February. Peas are not very shy about it, either. They practically shoot out of the dirt. It would be fun to have a time-lapse camera on the shelves. Maybe one year. 🙂

I began to get a little concerned over the lack of growth I was seeing from the tomatoes. I had friends with tomatoes that came up after only a couple of days. I know that they need a warmer soil temperature to germinate quickly.

Tomatoes Germinating 03-03-2014

I rearranged their placement onto another shelf, and added four additional heat lamps. After only 2 days of that, I started to see tomatoes! I took this picture on the 3rd of March. There are also even more herbs growing. Now, the only thing I am waiting for, is the peppers. They can take a while longer due to their seeds, and they also require warm soil, warmer than tomatoes, even. I may need to rearrange again for them to do well. Time will tell.

I will take some more pictures in the next couple of days as the young plants grow while I wait for Winter to retire.

Until then, Happy Gardening!


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