2014 Garden – Update 3

I am in the land of the Peas! Wow. I seriously did not expect them to take off the way they did. They are getting so big I used some left over wooden dowels to give them support. They are much happier now.

Peas with Dowel Supports 03-19-2014

I also made a startling discovery earlier in the week when I was checking up on everything. I moved some of the peas to another shelf and saw roots growing way out of the bottom.

Pea Roots 03-16-2014

I had an emergency transplanting session the next evening.

Peas 03-19-2014 Peas2 03-19-2014

These particular pea plants are not as tall as the others, so I was completely unaware that they needed more space. All in all, I think I have learned that it is not really necessary to start peas inside. Next year this won’t even be a consideration. They will go right out into the ground as soon as it is workable. The good news is, if all goes as planned (i.e. the weather cooperates), I will be planting them this weekend as well as the onions sets and shallots.

In other garden update news, on the 11th I planted some more plants.


Garden Berries


Green Onions

Of these, the onions have begun germinating already. You can see them in the cells behind the peppers.

Peppers and Green Onion 03-19-2014

The Genovese Basil, Lemon Balm, and the Early Wakefield Cabbage is also germinating, however, I did not take a picture of them this time. Over all, all the starts are doing rather well. Tomatoes, Marigolds, Cabbage, and Cauliflower is seen here in this picture. They are all doing well.

Tomatoes, Marigolds, Cabbage and Cailiflower 03-19-2014

I found that some of the tomatoes where on a shelf where the light was a little higher than I would have liked, and I am rather concerned that they may have gotten a little leggy reaching for the light. I have since lowered the light so it is just above the plants. Hopefully the legginess is not too debilitating. You can see them on the right of this picture. On the left is the Chamomile and Plantain, which is doing quite wonderful.

(Possibly)Leggy Tomatoes and Herbs 03-19-2014

Since the seed starting soil I used to germinate in does not have an over abundance of nutrients, on the 15th of March, when I watered them, I added a very diluted organic liquid fertilizer. I do not plan on needing to feed the plants once they are in the ground, as the soil is sufficiently nutrient dense to provide ample food for them as they grow. In addition, this summer I intend on adding my own home brewed compost tea as needed which will provide more nutrients that the plants will love!

Last fall, I planted 20 garlic cloves. I do not recall what kind of garlic it was. All I know is I purchased it in September at one of our local Farmer’s Market. I checked today (March 19th), and  it is looking good!

Garlic1 03-19-2014

There are four in coming up in this picture, but only a couple are easily seen.

Galic 4 Starts 03-19-2014

We also planted 5 Golden Raspberry plants last year. Our dogs had their way with most of them, but as I expected, they are coming back. I suspect they will come back with a vengeance, as we want them to fill the area where we planted them. It is a little hard to see, but this pic does show a shoot coming up. They were so sweet and tasty. I cannot wait to munch on them again this year!

Golden Raspberry 03-19-2014

Everything is going quite well. The time for getting plants in the ground is rapidly approaching, and I cannot wait!

Until then, Happy Gardening!


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  1. The Editors of Garden Variety

    I had to learn about indoor pea planting the hard way myself. They grow so fast indoors! I can tell from your choice of plants aboe you are going to have a great gardening year.

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